Train outdoors with the locals.

If you have your training gear with you I suggest you try!

What kind of training?

  • It’s three times a week until end of February ’17
  • It’s three times a week until end of April ’17
  • It’s outdoors in the hills of Öskjuhlíð (Google maps)
  • Each training  1 hour 30 minutes
  • It’s perfect for runners, skiers, hillwalkers and the general outdoors people alike
  • It’s a combination of endurance and strength exercises
  • It’s mostly brisk walking in between training sessions but some do sprint
  • It starts with a real warm up
  • It ends with some selected stretches
  • It’s three times a week
    • Monday mornings 06.30-07.10 – until end of April ’17 – Free of charge … just be there!
    • Tuesday evenings 17.30-19.00 – until end of February ’17
    • Thursday evenings 17.30-19.00 – until end of April ’17

Price per person:

1.500 ISK (approx.:€12/$13/£11)



Almost nothing except the nice company of the smiling locals and some nice instructions that make your pump … pump 😉

Meeting points:

  • Tuesday and Thursday evenings we meet in the entrance of the Perlan – a landmark building in Reykjavík on top of Öskjuhlíð hill (Google maps)
  • Monday mornings we meet at the car park of Nauthólsvík (800m/0.5mi) from Perlan (Google maps)

Recommended clothing:

  • The same clothing/shoes that you would go out jogging considering the weather outside the window
  • When there is snow most people prefer soft hiking boots or trail running shoes
  • Don’t forget hat or a buff and gloves or light mittens

What we do when we are not training:

Training during the mid winter keeps us fit to do what we like the most … that is hiking and backpacking.

Please send an email to if you are interested in joining the monthly mountain hikes with the locals.