Mountain tours for your safety

Professionalism and safety go hand in hand.
Your safety is always in first place but your well being is second to none.

Safety in the outdoors of Iceland not only involves proper decision making at all times but quality gear and expertise.
Knowledge is vital but has litle meaning if not supported by real world experiences.

Small groups means better mobility and individual assistance when needed.

… for the nature

A lot has been said and written about Green travel, Eco tourism and Responsible tourism or any other mix of the words. The core of each definition is the importance of protecting the natural and cultural environment of the places one visits. More precisely this means conserving plants, wildlife and geology formations and enjoying the nature and environment where it is and on its own terms. This means not bringing anything, belonging to the nature, back home
Green tourism also incorporates local cultures by contributing positively to local communities.

… your experience

All Mountain tours are highly flexible to suit the needs of our guests. The tours are private and therefore highly customisable to suit the needs of the small group without compromising the quality of the experience.

Travel in comfort. To witness the beauty of Icelandic nature we need to get out of town. For that we have the most comfortable means of travelling a modified 4×4 Land Cruiser 120 VX on bigger tires offering softer touch to the country and our … butts!

At Mountain tours there is no compromise regarding food being it a lunch bag or full board.
We offer lunch bags (if ordered at least two days before) and enough so that everyone will perform their best in experiencing.
Let Mountain tours surprise you with authentic but tasty lunch boxes.
Please let us know if you have any food allergies or special needs.

At Mountain tours we …

… follow paths and trails where possible
… leave nothing … but footprints
… take nothing … but pictures
… experience locally

cert_logo.wilderness_logo Besides being a registered Nurse (graduated from the University of Iceland in 1996) Jon Gauti has a valid Wilderness First Responder license.




Level 1 and Level 2 module 1 Avalanche certificate from the Canadian avalanche association year 2014 and 2015



A member of the ICE-SAR since 1989 both in the field as a member of a first responding mountaineering team and in organising and planning big search and rescues.



Nursing BS from the University of Iceland (graduated 1996)