Exstensive travelling has lead me – Jón Gauti – to many beautiful places, many of which are off the beaten tracks. My camera is always close by on my tours and some of the pictures can be viewed here on the site.


Besides this newest book I’m an author of two other successful books on Travelling and Mountaineering in Iceland. The second one Fjallabókin published in 2013 was even Nominated for the Icelandic Literary Price!
In 2013 I met George Fischer, a well known Canadian photographer, with more than fifty published photography books on his record. Hi wanted to do a picture book on Iceland and the two of us along with his son Sean Fischer joined forces.


NEW RELEASE 2015! – Iceland – Reflections on the ring road
Photos of Icelandic landscapes and people with world famous Mt. Kirkjufell on the cover.

On June 3rd it was listed on Amazon as # 2 in best sellers # 1 in hot new releases and # 3 in most gifted

Authors George Fischer, Sean Fischer and Jón Gauti Jónsson.
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing Limited. Distributor in Iceland: Forlagið
Year published: 2015
Preface by Mr. Stewart Wheeler Canada’s Ambassador to Iceland
306 pages


Fjallabókin – handbók um fjallgöngur og ferðalög í óbyggðum Íslands

A handbook on hiking and backpacking in Iceland.

Nominated for the Icelandic Literary Price in 2013Isl_bokm_tilnefningar_2010

Author: Jón Gauti Jónsson
512 pages
Publisher: Mál og menning / Forlagið
Year published: 2013
All photos: Jón Gauti Jónsson
Drawings: Sigmundur Breiðfjörð Þorgeirsson
Layout: Björg Vilhjálmsdóttir / Einar Samúelsson
Language: Icelandic


Gengið um Óbyggðir – Handbók fyrir útivistarfólk

A handbook for travellers in Iceland.

Author: Jón Gauti Jónsson
190 pages
Publisher: Almenna bókafélagið / Edda ehf.
Year published: 2014
Photos: Jón Gauti Jónsson and others.
Drawings: Björk Bjarkadóttir
Layout: Björg Vilhjálmsdóttir
Language: Icelandic

Newspapers and Magazines

Numerous articles and photographs on Icelandic nature published in newspapers and magazines.
Numerous interviews on tourism and travelling in newspapers and magazines.
Editor in Chief of Utivera – Outdoor magazine (2005-2007)

Radio and TV

I’ve been on numerous interviews on two of the biggest media houses (RUV and Stöð 2/Bylgjan) both on Radio and TV.
Besides my own work I’ve worked on various other TV series and shows that have been filmed in Iceland.