Born 1969 and raised up in Reykjavík Iceland.
Introduced to the backcountry at a young age and haven’t returned.
For more than 30 years I have travelled extensively around Iceland during all seasons. Mountaineering and climbing grabbed me entirely and got me involved in the Icelandic Alpine Club and the Air Ground Rescue Association where I later became a qualified instructor in every type of technical mountaineering and mountain rescue. IMG_6091In 1996 I lead my first group in the mountains and instantly got hooked on guiding.
To begin with guiding in Iceland was merely a summer job but in the last ten years I’ve been guiding all year round.
Guiding and instructing soon led me to teaching in the Guiding school of Iceland (MK) which I still do as in the Keilir – TRU Adventure Studies Program in Iceland where I instruct on the Winter Traveling course.

On a January hike to Hengill central volcano

Guiding related education/qualification:

  • ICE-SAR basic rescue team training 1988-9
  • ICE-SAR first responder from 1989
  • Mountain guide in Iceland since 1996
  • AIMG glacier and mountain guide
  • Level III hard-ice guide (NZMGA HIG standard)
  • Alpine Trekking guide (NZMGA standard)
  • AIMG Apprentice Ski Guide (May ’16)
  • CAA level I avalanche training
  • CAA level II (module 1) avalanche training
  • Wilderness first responder (WFR) Feb ’15 Recertification Feb ’17
  • Professional drivers licence


Writing and photography has always been a passion and in 2002 I wrote my first book “Gengið um óbyggðir” that was published in 2004 by Edda/Almenna bókafélagið the biggest publisher in Iceland at that time. My second book, “Fjallabókin” was then published in Nov 2013 and the third book where I joined forces with George Fischer, a highly respected Canadian photographer on a photograph book ” Iceland – Reflections on the ring road” (see publications).

My writing is partly to encourage fellow Icelanders to get into our spectacular nature and get involved. I am a firm believer that only by diving in and hands on experience we can understand the meaning of unspoiled nature in modern society and then the importance of protecting it for future generations.

I am married to Hulda Steingrímsdóttir (born 1971). B.Sc. in Biology and M.Sc. in Environmental Science and Business with Social Responsibility. Consultant for Alta Consulting from 2006-2015. Currently working at The National University Hospital of Iceland as a Project leader on environment and transportation. We have three kids, two girls born 1994 and 1998 and a boy borne 2000.
When I’m not guiding I’m probably still somewhere out there, hiking, photographing, climbing or laying somewhere staring at the sky charging the batteries.

See other projects I’ve worked on.


At Ljósufjöll on Snaefellsnes peninsula